Holiday Cottage rental in the

sea-side town of Stonehaven



(Please see map above)

Creel Cottage: Once in Stonehaven follow signs to the harbour. Turn right at the old Clock Tower onto The Cross, Turn immediately left onto John St where Creel Cottage is on your left...... Latitude: 56°57'37.85"N - Longitude:   2°12'15.28"W


Fisherman's Cottage: Drive towards the harbour and turn right by the old clock tower, drive straight and take the slight right and then slight left and about 20meters on the left there you will find our Fisherman's Cottage right on Love Lane...Latitude: 56°57'35.96"N - Longitude: 2°12'16.49"W

Stonehaven is 15 miles (24 km) south of Aberdeen in a sheltered position on Stonehaven Bay between the Carron Water and the Cowie Water. Stonehaven lies adjacent to a deeply indented bay surrounded on three sides by higher land between Downie Point and Garron Point. The harbour, consisting of two basins, was improved in the 1820s by the engineer Robert Stevenson (grandfather of the author Robert Louis Stevenson) and became an important center of the 19th century herring trade; the harbour is bordered on the north by Bellman's Head and at the south by Downie Point. At the western edge of Stonehaven west of the A90 road lies the village of Kirkton of Fetteresso. Fowlsheugh is a nearby coastal nature reserve, known for its seventy metre high cliff formations and habitat supporting prolific seabird nesting colonies.

Google Earth Coordinates

Fishermans Cottage

56°57'36.08"N, 2°12'16.39"W

Creel Cottage

56°57'37.85"N, 2°12'15.28"W